CRM module

Hotels own a lot of data, but only a fraction of it is properly used to improve the bottom line. There is no exception in the case of the proposal-based business segment.

Hardly any hotel manager collects data such as: number of received inquiries, potential revenue, conversion of the proposals sent, data of the clients requesting various products and services. With, hotels can decide whether the contact data of requesting companies should be saved or not. Each lead can be flaged based on request type and transaction history. When creating the offer directly from the Admin Panel, sales executives can see the basic information of each customer including number of sent requests and generated revenue.


  • All leads and customers data in one database
  • Filtering based on segment and transaction history
  • Follow-up reminder.
  • Easy access to all open offers.

For whom:

  • Marketing teams for developing promotional campaigns.
  • Sales teams for creating special offers to convert price sensitive clients.
  • Hoteliers who aim to engage with their existing and potential customers

How does it work:

  • Hotel decides whether new lead should be saved or not.
  • All transactional data is stored within the record.
  • Hotel can set annual reminders for follow up contact.
  • All records can be filtered based on one segment.