Customized templates

There are many different services hotels can offer to their customers and ideally each offer should be adapted to the individual product it sells.

Customized templates

With there is a possibility to set an unlimited number of templates, which can be used for offer creation, either for tourist groups, wedding parties, international conferences or weekend breaks for groups of friends. Using our integrations, there is no need to switch between systems to confirm rates or availability- everything is available within’s backoffice. There is also the possibility to create promocodes for frequent customers.


  • Unlimited templates based on offered service or language.
  • Pre-loaded rates or PMS rates’ mapping
  • Real-time availability without checking the PMS
  • Automatic saving of the reservation in PMS.
  • Promocodes for frequent customers.

For whom:

  • Hotels which manage their groups’ rates dynamically
  • Hotels willing to optimize the process of generating offers
  • Hotels that work together with B2B accounts based on agreed rates.

How does it work:

  • The Hotel creates individual templates during profile set-up.
  • In the process of offer creation, the right template is chosen from the scroll.
  • In the pricing module, the sales person can decide which rate will be used: pre-loaded default rate or PMS sourced.