Multivariant offers' creator

Using helps to increase customer engagement, which leads to a higher conversion rate. Offers created within our systems look attractive both on desktop and mobile screen. If required, offers can be also saved in pdf format.

Multivariant offers' creator

In case the inquiry is not clearly defined, there is a possibility to create the offer, which will include several scenarios: different accommodation types or F&B packages. Thanks to the “call to action” buttons at the end of the offer page, we lead the customer through the whole process, so they don’t need to write an e-mail, or pick-up the phone for confirmation. If needed, a proforma invoice can be automatically generated directly from the system.


  • Professional look on every device.
  • Flexibility regarding offer type.
  • Easy process for offer’s approval.
  • Automated document flow.

For whom:

  • Hotels willing to switch from text offers to more professional, easy to open formats.
  • Hotels which receive significant numbers of open requests, without clearly defined accommodation needs.
  • Hotels that already have a substantial base of group requests and want to increase their conversion rate.

How does it work:

  • After an offer is created, the customer receives a short email including the link to the offer, which is formatted both for desktop and mobile.
  • The offer can include several options, both for accommodation and F&B.
  • Customer can accept the offer with one click, which can be followed by automated proforma generation.