Resource management

With each employee can have different access rights, based on hotel and request type. Thanks to that it’s easier to monitor the efficiency of your sales team and their productivity.

Resource management

All offers are saved in one database, accessible for all team members. You can also track the status of each proposal, and even get notified when the offer is open- so you can contact your customers in the moment, when you are the “top priority in his mind”.


  • All offers in one database- exportable to Excel.
  • Access for assigned team members.
  • Trackable status of each offer.
  • Automatic manual reminders.

For whom:

  • Hotels with structured sales teams
  • Multiproperty organisations
  • Hotels with a proactive sales approach

How does it work:

  • During the set-up each employee is assigned to a particular hotel.
  • After the request is processed, it is saved in the offers’ database and in calendar view.
  • Each offer is marked based on the request type and it’s status.
  • The offers list can be easily exported to xls file.