Proposals' builder

With ho[s] you can create the offer directly from the Admin Panel, by clicking on the date and choosing the type of the product you want to offer: accommodation services or meeting room.

Proposals' builder

 To maximize the benefit of using ho[s], use the landing page, where all requests forms are made available. Thanks to this, you no longer need to type each guest’s information or request details. Every time a new request is received, the reservation manager receives the e-mail notification with the link directly to the request page. It’s also visible in the “Customers’ request” section of the Admin Panel.


  • Unlimited channels of receiving requests.
  • No chances of missing an inquiry.
  • Landing page with requests’ forms.
  • Creating an offer takes just a few clicks- less than 2 minutes.
Despite of the channel, which was used to deliver the inquiry, all offers can be created within ho[s]

For whom:

  • Hotels which already have a substantial base of group business.
  • Hotels that want to avoid creating manual offers.
  • Hotels looking for higher engagement with their website’s visitors.
  • Hotels that aim to lower their distribution cost.

How does it work:

  • Simply create a hotel account.
  • Customize the landing page (optionally with own hotel’s domain).
  • Receive the inquiries.
  • Create and send the offers.