10 Ways to Bring Your Sales to the Next Level with HO[S]TELOFFER.ONLINE

Hospitality proposals are in, but you will probably need a definition if you are new to the field: these are powerful, visually-appealing, and content-rich offers tailored to specific inquiries from your clients: company meetings, weddings, parties, team-building events, and so much on. Because they are designed to woo, proposals have exceptional ROI rates and are a bullet-proof strategy to impressing your customers.

Proposals follow RPFs – those formal documents referred to as requests for bids in the eventuality of a need of a venue for sizeable events. Whatever a glossary of terms defines RPFs for the hospitality industry, you’ll need something catered to your needs, and this is why Hoteloffer.online is the right partner. Here are several ways to boost your sales with our services.

Collect all data under one roof

Hoteloffer.online has sound data-gathering abilities. Everything you save on our platform can be easily monitored – from closed deals to potential leads. We even provide landing page forms free of charge for all our customers.

Faster, better conversions

Because your peers and business partners can access your proposals live from any device, you will always find out when your offers are opened, accepted, declined in real time. Hoteloffer.online’s call to action feature simplifies the entire process further.

Things get easier for you and your clients

Hoteloffer.online will make it so much easier for you to deliver proposals, but also your customers are well served, as they’ll receive answers moments after they click “send request” on their smart devices. The best about our system is that it’s a collaborative tool between your team and your clients. The assigned account managers from your team can access the platform, update, and manage the content of the proposals at ease, without the need of time-consuming back and forth emails or other types of messages. Yet, all these actions can be monitored and tracked, so that no detail is left to chance.

Proposal templates galore

Hoteloffer.online offers bullet-proof brandable professional hospitality proposals that convert. No more boring text or pdf offers: now everything is mobile-ready, which is great, considering the latest trends in usability. An extra-large choice of proposal templates complete with all the right fields makes Hoteloffer.online simply irresistible. The least you focus on meaningless details, the more business gets done.

Customize, customize, customize

Because you have an almost unlimited choice of templates with Hoteloffer.online you can customize your hospitality proposals for any purpose you have in mind. From business meetings to private events, you can always design the right proposal, then distribute your offer and track response through our advanced platform.

Transparency for you and your clients

Custom proposals created and delivered with Hoteloffer.online convey your clients that you are a reliable service provider by delivering a transparent offer with all the required perks. No detail is left to chance as you can include every detail of the offer in your proposal and allow the customer to review it without any surprise fees. Nothing retains a customer better than a straightforward hospitality business proposal.

Hoteloffer.online is a time-saver

Hoteloffer.online offers many advantages, obviously, but it is also a great time-saver. Your offers – or proposals – can be created in as fast as two minutes on our platform. Then, you’ll enjoy the whole benefits of automated OMS input data with no data loss because all your leads – even the less important ones – are saved in your database and can be accessed any time.

Integration with reliable services

Our proposal delivery platform integrates with industry-standard services like Mews, Protel, Cloudbeds, TrustYou, Instaroom, and QuickText for an added plus of flexibility and reliability. Plus, if you are a marketing agency, you can always opt for our White Label service.

Flexible pricing

Hoteloffer.online’s pricing concept is another attractive feature designed to satisfy all the business needs of interested hoteliers. You can always compare our plans to see which fits your requirements best – just note that all boast smart design features for desktop and mobile, MICE modules, pre-loaded seasonal rates, CRM modules, statistics, customer data upload, booking engine redirection, and much more.

Try before you buy

Unlike other vendors in our field, Hoteloffer.online is genuinely concerned about your business safety and we offer you a free trial that will convince you why our service is worth it.

We hope that this short introduction compels you to give Hoteloffer.online a try. Please subscribe to our news to keep a step ahead of your competition.